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In the 160 year anniversary of the Panama Railway opening and the 100 year anniversary of the Panama Canal opening, it was a gift to have chance to publishing “The Golden Horse” (Panama Canal Railway~The story of the men who tied the Pacific with the Atlantic. This is a story filled with big dreams and romance. The author, Juan David Morgan is a lawyer in Panama. This is the first book written by a Panamanian author in Japan.

■Book Summary

Title “The Golden Horse Panama Canal Railway ~The story of the men who tied the Pacific and the Atlantic.
Author's Juan David Morgan
Translation Susumu Nakagawa
Volume 568 pages
Size Duodecimo
Sale date Nov. 25th ,2014
Price 2000yen +tax
Publisher Santhosha Inc.


Story Outline


This is a story of men who devoted their life to the construction of the Panama Canal Railway. In the era of Gold Rush in California, a transcontinental railway was constructed in Panama in the narrowest part of the South and North American continents, which obviously shortened the time that cross the Pacific and the Atlantic. It was really hard to construct the railway, but the men who were devoted to this project were rewarded for it. Here is the story of developing the railway filled with the big dreams and romance of the men who tied the Pacific and the Atlantic together 60 years before opening the Panama Canal.

Author’s Profile

Juan David Morgan
Co-CEO of Morgan y Morgan, President of the Panama Pen Association Go to his Official website from here Go to his message for readers from here.

Translator’s Profile

Susumu Nakagawa
Graduated from the Spanish department of Sophia University Foreign language department Work on Latin American trade, construction of plants, translation/production/editing of technical documents, and ODA. Lived in Panama City in the Republic of Panama from 1990 to 2001.

Recommendations from Celebrities

“This book gave me new knowledge that Panama, which we had relationship so far through the canal with, had such huge history of railway construction, and I developed a new point of view towards Panama.”

Mr. Kouji Miyahara,
Nippon Yusen Chair person, Vice-president of Japan Business Federation

“This book teaches us that the Panama Railway’s construction was as huge of a project as the canal’s construction, which had been constructed with the best techniques achievable for the day and age. In this sense it is a very interesting book.”

Mr. Makoto Misawa,
Ex-Japanese ambassador in Panama

“It is a great pleasure for me that the first book written by a Panamanian in Japan was published in the year of 100th anniversary of the Panama Canal’s opening. Cerebrate the frontier-like spirits of the herald in international distribution, and wish that the spirits are enhanced through the publication of ‘The Golden Horse’.”

Mr. Yasuyuki, Fujishima,
Ex-Japanese ambassador in Panama

The Panama Canal plays an important role in world distribution. The author writes a magnificent account of people's love for one another during the building of the Panama Canal Railway, completed 60 years before the Panama Canal. Now, as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Panama Canal opening, I would like many Japanese to have a heightened interest in Panama and Central and South America.

Mr. Mikio Sasaki,
Counselor of Mitsubishi Corporation

“The first railway between the Pacific and the Atlantic was constructed in Panama, which was the best route to California when they were excited with Gold rush in the middle of 19 century. The author told us about human dramas and tragedy that were made there. This novel surely invites readers to the struggling world of people challenging towards power of nature with big dreams.”

Mr.Ritter N Diaz
Panama ambassador in Japan,

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